BocaDB optimizes existing databases, restoring and sometimes exceeding original speed and performance.

    Has your old, zippy system gotten slower and slower?

    If the data in your current database has grown beyond the ability of your current server or software to keep up with the demand, BocaDB can remedy your growing pains. We can optimize your database based on your most current usage patterns and make sure you have enough future capacity without costly overkill.

    How your database is indexed can have an enormous impact on the speed of queries. BocaDB can analyze your current database to make sure all opportunities to speed it up through enhanced indexing are recognized.

    Regardless of how much was paid for it, Yesterday’s state-of-the-art machine probably has a hard time stacking up against today’s midrange systems. Bringing that old beast up to speed might work. Replacing it altogether might be even better.  BocaDB can help you determine what the most cost effective and safest way to improve database performance.


BocaDB provides database consulting services, offers application development and performs business data analysis. Our decades of experience with multi-user management systems, successes online and competitive rates allow meeting your goals with ease, quickly and affordably.

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