BocaDB ties together separated systems, creating an integrated information system that improves effectiveness.

BocaDB has talent with decades of experience integrating separate technologies. When systems are integrated they communicate and reduce the labor required from operators.

Tying disconnected components together results in a new system, where the total impact is greater than the sum of its parts. New dynamics often present as many complications as they do opportunities. BocaDB can forsee both, manage or assist an integration project, and meet your organization's goals.

Dashboards are the newest, hottest thing to have in the front of a data tracking, analysis or management system. Being able to look at all of your company’s systems and key metrics in a single view is possible. BocaDB can create dashboards for you and your key operators, letting multiple data sources join in a novel view.

See what’s coming up.
See what’s going on. See what’s not going on.
Put your finger on the process as it happens.

BocaDB is located in Boca Raton, serving South Florida and beyond. We provide database consulting services, offer application development and perform business data analysis. Our decades of experience with multi-user management systems, successes online and competitive rates allow meeting your goals with ease, quickly and affordably.

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